The Cluster-F**k that is Voting in the Alberta Election

My wife forgot that it was election day in Alberta today. I must admit, I almost forgot myself and realized this past weekend that I needed to vote today.

So on my way home from attending a ceremony celebrating my employer’s $500,000 gift to the UofA I stopped at the usual polling station in my neighbourhood. Or at least, what I thought was the normal polling station. I do live in a new area, but for the civic election I voted at the Summerside Community Centre… seems like a reasonable place to vote in one’s community. When I got there, there was a sign that said that there was no polling place there. So I went home, assuming that the polling place would be a few blocks away at the Ellerslie Elementary School where I voted in the last federal election… (I think… I’ve voted in three different places for the last five elections at various levels, so I might have lost track). Alternatively, I thought that it might be at one of the elementary schools in Millwoods… which becomes a pain, especially in the weather today. But that’s where I voted in the second-to-last federal election, so maybe that’s where I needed to go.

Turns out that even though I live in a presumably urban centre, I need to go from 79th Street south of Ellerslie Rd (9th Ave SW) to J. Percy Page High School, which is 5.4 KM away according to google maps and is very tenuously connected by public transit. (I do drive, as would most voters in my ‘hood, but still!)

I’ll be interested to see what voter turnout ends up being in my riding. Well, and in several others. In trying to find out where the polling stations are in my riding (couldn’t find it unless I randomly input addresses), I came across information that the Windsor Park polling place has been moved away from the UofA campus… doesn’t Elections Alberta work for all of the people, not just those in power?

The thing that ticks me off is that with the rural domination that is Alberta politics, we’re just in for another four to five years of the same old, same old anyway.

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