The depths some people will go … to get into the Muchmusic Video Awards (Canada’s lo-rent version of the MTV VMAs) are ridiculous. But what I liked most was the fact that Rahim Jaffer, that crazy Member of Parliament, scammed his way into the party one year. I want to ask him, why was he in Toronto, on a Thursday, when Parliament was in session, instead of in Ottawa or maybe winging back to his home riding of Edmonton-Strathcona? Perhaps his constituents (full disclosure – I used to be one) felt it necessary that he attend Moses Znaimer’s street party in order to air their views on Christina Aguilera’s latest outfit?

A great big f*** you to the driver from Timmins who a) honked and gave me the finger as I pedalled onto the restricted lane on Bay Street at St Mary a good 40-50m in front of her, and then b) damn near killed me by deciding at the last minute to make a right onto Wellesley as I prepared to enter the intersection. Just goes to show: people from Timmins shouldn’t have drivers licenses.

My good spirits upon my arrival at work today were soured when I read the monthly report of the union I was forced to join. My “workplace representatives” spend inordinate amounts of time worrying about reducing the tuition burden for those in their 7th and 8th years of a PhD. They think that all those who’ve lingered that much are entitled to 60%+ fee reductions. I don’t care what department you’re in – there is no non-act of God excuse for dragging your degree like that. It’s insane! If nothing else, people in their 7th and 8th years, who the union posits are most at risk due to their “very few sources of earnings” should have to face higher fees. Then maybe they’d get some work done.

Peter Howell’s TIFF wrapup at the Toronto Star had this to say:

Worst New Trend: The proliferation of roped-in and glassed-in celebrity petting zoos at festival parties. The fest is forgetting its populist roots and rapidly turning into a two-tiered event, where pampered stars are kept well away from the ordinary people who have sustained their careers. “

Uh, Peter, festival parties (last I checked) are not for the ordinary people, unless they’re connected to a distributor, media outlet, local hero or agency through marriage or work. The parties themselves, with their Fort Knox-esque security, are what keep stars away from the ordinary people, not the VIP-within-VIP rooms.

Pontificate, Defined

“pontificate” is, I think the best word to describe what it is I do with my website. To wit, the Oxford English dictionary claims the following:

    pontificate po(hook)nti.fikeit, v. f. ppl. stem of med.L. pontificare to perform pontifical functions, f. pontific-em pontifex
    To act the pontiff, assume the airs of a pontiff; to behave or speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner.

So I bitch about stuff much like the Pope does; but I’m not Catholic, so I don’t feel at all guilty for it. 🙂